Thrive Wellness’ New Services!

Thrive Wellness is owned and operated by Heather McHaney and her excellent team of professionals. Thrive Wellness promotes a holistic and naturopathic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and soul, designed to support each other for effective healing.  

We asked Heather what got her interested in holistic medicine, and she shared with us that us that she had a life-changing experience that forced her to pursue answers for her personal health care needs and could not find the desired results that she needed.  She said, “I sought out a naturopathic doctor, who was able to share with me, that through nutritional supplementation and detox therapy that my body could heal itself,” and that is what she wants to share with others. Her vision and promise to the community and her patients continue to share my health journey so that others both locally & globally are able to connect the dots for better health. 

Some of their services include:  

- Consultation & Telehealth...Personal consultation and telehealth are today’s best practices to support our client’s desired needs and provides a modern way to communicate their personal care. 

- Detox Therapy...with our Infrared Sauna it utilizes light to create heat. By sweating, the body activates and intensifies the elimination of toxins. Additionally, our Ion Cleanse Footbath ionizes the water to attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins and removes them from the body. 

- Energy Balancing...QEST4 Bio energetically scan uses scientifically based methods to determine which areas of your body are being “stressed'' or are out of balance and causing uncomfortable symptoms. 

- RESTART Nutritional Program...A five-week class (individual or group setting) that promotes simple elements of good habits that align with realistic health goals to support a powerful way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle. 


If you are interested in the services and memberships Thrive Wellness has to offer, you can call their office at 479-238-4692 or email Heather at FB: Thrive Wellness Siloam Springs